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A quick and simple game of remembering a loved one. Take turns telling brief stories about a dear friend who has passed on. As you do so, a picture of the deceased will start to appear. When you have a solid understanding of the person who passed away, select one character to deliver the eulogy.

For replays, try a different setting. Maybe it's an Irish wake in the early 1900s. Or a funeral for a Viking warrior. Maybe even a cabal of undying sorcerers, reuniting for the first funeral in centuries. 

The Eulogy can also be dropped into your ongoing campaign, regardless of system. Spend a scene in character remembering someone who died, then find their murderer and bring then to justice.

Zip file includes both sides of the business card and the same text as a 8.5" x 11" page.

(Financial disclosure: I paid $24 for stock photos. Any help to offset those costs would be appreciated but by no means required.)

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